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AilArian pioneers the future of printed electronics with sustainable, reusable silver conductive inks, merging eco-friendliness with cutting-edge technology.

Innovating Sustainability: Pioneering Solutions with AilArian

AilArian is a Welsh translation of Re-Silver. A reference both to our underlying technology and where we started.

We set out to address the growing problem of electronic waste, with 57Mt generated last year. This is forecast to increase to 75Mt/year by 2030, with less than 20% being recycled. The current recycling processes focus solely on the recovery of precious metals, normally copper, gold, silver, and platinum. However, these processes would be better described as urban mining, using energy intensive or highly toxic chemicals in pursuit of these high value materials. This results in the destruction of all other parts of the assembly including electrical components and semiconductor IC chips, resulting in the production of hazardous waste and pollution.

Our pioneering silver conductive ink will enable the creations of circular electronics and provides a unique solution to the growing problem of electronic waste. The inks have been designed for recycling, facilitating the recovery of the precious metal, and allowing the particulates to be reused without extensive processing and creating value from waste. In contrast to existing methods, our recycling process does not destroy the electronics components or the materials onto which they are printed.


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Discover sustainable innovation with AilArian’s reusable silver conductive inks. Our products enable the creation of eco-friendly printed electronics, merging efficiency with environmental responsibility.