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Sustainable Printed Electronics Innovations

Unlock the potential of AilArian’s reusable silver conductive inks for sustainable printed electronics.


Our inks are highly conductive, providing at least 50% of the conductivity of silver flake inks, and 200% more than carbon based inks.


Our unique design for recycling approach means that our inks offer a significant improvement in sustainability, with an up to 75% reduction in Scope-3 emissions compared with other silver inks.


A sustainable solution without a hefty price tag. Our inks are cheaper than standard silver conductive inks.


Our reusable silver ink is the only truly circular technology for printed electronics. The materials we recovery can be reused in the formulation of new conductive inks, creating the potential for a closed loop circular system, further reducing costs and environmental impact.

Innovative Technology: Combining Sustainability and Performance

AilArian: Pioneering sustainable printed electronics with cutting-edge inks.

Reusable Conductive Inks

Explore the future of eco-friendly technology with AilArian’s silver conductive inks.

Technical Support

Technical support for those looking to start printing electronics and supporting the transition from existing conductive materials

Education and Outreach

AilArian offers workshops and training programs to foster innovative tech solutions.

Recycling of electronics

Recovery and reuse of the AilArian conductive material

Explore Sustainable Printed Electronics

Uncover the future of technology with AilArian’s reusable silver conductive inks. Each product exemplifies innovation and sustainability, paving the way for eco-friendly printed electronics.